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Tuesday 9 July 2013

Ego-massaging messages

I have been overwhelmed by the messages and support I have received from SO many people across the world, since I blogged the bad news.

There are those I interact with regularly and whose smiley faces and little FB messages cheer me on.  There are emails from people I knew long ago and people who I have never met.  There have been parcels and flowers and pictures of recovered children that warm the cockles and phone calls and texts that are little rays of sunshine.

I really can't reply to them all but please know I do read them and I appreciate not only the words but the thought and the time that goes into them.  Love you ALL.

I do have one correspondent who deserves a special mention just because she is madder than me and,  most annoyingly, wittier than me.  She can paint a picture in three words and I eagerly look every morning for her message because it always make me cry with laughter.

Just for your info, M, I have slightly less hair than Barbara Woodhouse and defo no pie crust collars, but otherwise the analogy is pretty spot on.

Here's one for you.

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