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Friday 5 July 2013


I am now in the twilight realm of anything goes with regard to treatment.  The evidence based, NICE approved treatment hasn't really gone according to plan so far.  I am taking one last punt on the scientists and going for a non-NICE approved chemotherapy jolly next week.  I am also in the place where there is no harm in sleeping with a dream catcher, drinking raw vegetable juice and humming chakras twice a day.  

In my strange world of eating disorders, I find it very difficult to read all the Daily Mail exhortations to eat more lettuce or stroke horses or stop using detergents in order to "cure" my cancer.  Nothing is going to do that.  However, I do know a lot of people draw comfort from this kind of stuff and really feel that cutting their toenails during a full moon, or only drinking raspberry tea whilst Whale Watching has enhanced and may even have lengthened their life.  It has not cured them, though.

Just like eating disorders and other mental illnesses,  what works for one person doesn't work for all.  Who am I to say that a no-sugar regime doesn't help people?  For me, the idea of no chocolate or unsweetened tea, for the rest of my life, is just not floating my boat.  If I only have a short time left, why would I want to deprive myself of the stuff I like?  For the record, I am NOT giving up my crispy bacon sandwiches and have NO intention of going vegan.  Life is too short - literally.

Let's be very clear about the alternative "cures" offered.  The NHS are always looking for cheaper alternatives.  If changing your diet or standing on your head cured cancer, they would be all for it.  Nothing is available that is going to cure my cancer.

The recommendations that have been handed to me by the NHS seem to make sense.  In fact, they make much more sense that the type of goobledigook handed out by this particular snake oil salesman.

This stuff is Bad Science and I am not a believer.  If you find peace and comfort in alternative medicines, that is great.  I suspect half the battle is calm acceptance - knifey-wheeled chariot charges are not good for terminally ill patients.  This blog has me cheering (gently and quietly from a prone position!).  Just remember that nothing is more stressful than someone trying to push that what has worked for them MUST work for you - that applies for eating disorders as well as for cancer.

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