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Thursday 25 July 2013

Ups and Downs

So Laura Collins and I (along with some seriously cool clinicians) are about to break some serious rocking news.  BUT, it means that I have to get on Skype at the same time as these other people and chat about what's what and how, when and wherefore.

The downside is that I really need an aspiration on my shoulder which is becoming seriously painful.  These aspirations (of which I have had about 25) are seriously traumatic.  I have to lie on a bed topless - that doesn't bother me.  All dignity about me udders has long gone.  Then I have ultrasound to see where the fluid build up is.  This entails pressing down REALLY hard on a bruised and sore shoulder and then a local anawhatsit (which hurts).  A long (really long) thin spinal needle is then put in the fluid drained off.  All this can take up to an hour to do, depending on how many pockets of fluid there are.

When I come out of there, I feel wrung out and relieved, albeit temporarily.

The problem is that we are being taken here for an evening away from the stresses and strains of everyday "looking after teenagers" this evening.  Both HWISO and I were hoping to go up early, have a swim in the sea, a late afternoon nap and a blissful evening.  However, I have to wait to see what time they can aspirate me.

This see-saw is making me feel quite dizzy and I now want to retire to bed, leaving everyone else to sort it out.  HWISO has gone out to do "farm" things, although we are still not harvesting and the girls are asleep, so I guess it is up to me to man the phones and sort things out.

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  1. Anonymous25 July, 2013

    Dearest Charlotte - this sounds just absolutely horrendous. Is there any kind of specially shaped cushion I could make you which might relieve even just the tiniest amount of pain and discomfort? Nothing I can offer to help with the Skpe stuff i'm afraid! lots and lots of gentle higs coming your way, Nicki xxxxxxx