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Saturday 6 July 2013

Cover up

When I first went away to boarding school in 1972, the one piece of originality allowed was one's dressing gown.  Mine was scarlet with gold dragons on it.  Sadly it was not silk with swansdown collar and cuffs a la Gloria Swanson.  It was just above the ankle, thickly quilted and machine washable.

I was hanging up stuff last week, wrestled from the piles dotted around my children's bedrooms and returned the dressing gowns to their rightful place in the shower room.

HWISO insists on keeping his blue towelling one in his bedroom, as he lost the last two to the "What's yours is mine and what's mine is too small and girly for you" rule that comes with living with three girls.  The remnants of his old bottle green one hang in the shower room, bleach spots down the front and one cuff - it was big enough to wear when hugely pregnant and going through a nesting stage of cleaning the inside of cupboards. The cord was lost in the mists of time, tying up the roof of a camp the girls made somewhere in the house or garden.  The fleece winter one was "borrowed" for something or other to do with school and I can't remember much about it except it was blue and long so probably went as a Three Kings outfit or a Harry Potterish cloak.

Among the others hanging up there is a white towelling one I got when I went to a spa for the day.  It was the best thing about the day, to be honest. There's fleece ones and wool ones and towelling ones.  Some were my mother-in-law's, some my mother's and some mine and some of the girls, including the Mini Boden hooded ones I bought for some holiday in the dark ages but are NOT to be thrown away. despite them being labelled very clearly for Aged 8-9 and Aged 10-11.

In fact, we have a collection to fit all shapes and sizes, colours, materials, weather appropriate, long enough to walk the dogs when its snowing, light enough to take to hotter climes for holidays, dressing gowns.

I still yearn for my red and gold, machine washable dragons though.

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