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Saturday 13 July 2013

All going beautifully

Lunch with friends in the garden. Fabulous day.  iPad for my birthday.

Phone call from Em stuck in Mustique airport with no passport.

Loving Kevin from the Foreign Office in London for dealing with slightly tiddly mother.

"What's her full name."

Emily Idiot Bevan.  That's India November delta India apple...."

And totally hysterical child in hot airport refusing to answer phone to strange number.

As presents go, I prefer the iPad. 


  1. KrisBaldo13 July, 2013

    Ahhh, the hysterical phone call from a child. My post-traumatic-stress response is kicking in just thinking about it. Have had enough of them to last ten lifetimes, thank-you very much! Best of luck...

  2. And here I am worrying about my son getting the train from Nottingham this evening! xxx

  3. Sounds like a perfectly lovely birthday - enjoy the IPad
    Happy Birthday wishes