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Wednesday 24 July 2013

On a lighter note

G "borrowed" my phone on the way back from Latitude to catch up with all her mates.  Her Twitter account is logged in on my phone and, consequently, it buzzes all day long with various weird messages from Twitter.

"So the royal baby has been born and its a boy.

However, the aussies are going to waste another review and see if its actually out."
(Cricket reference for my overseas readers - and a good one!)

My twit feed is infinitely more boring and less witty

"Detroit retirees are on edge"

I did tweet (as her) yesterday, that she was an idiot for leaving my phone logged into her account.  She deleted the twit but has still left me logged in.  Moral dilemma of the day - do I read the stuff that she and others are tweeting or ignore it?

Picture of the day from the fabulous House of Mutt - hot desking? sleeping on the job?

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