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Monday 29 July 2013


So I had a normal oncology appointment this morning.  Well, not quite normal.  My normal nurse, Helen, is on holiday so I had Alison - she's lovely too.  Dr W is on holiday so I had Dr M instead.  The last time I had a chat with her was in a room at the Hospice, with darling Sophie, trying to sort out medication for her.  It was a fraught and traumatic time for everyone.  

Dr M took one look at my shoulder which had swelled up again and immediately set in process another aspiration.  Bless her.  Went round to the Breast Imaging department and had the same lovely radiologist as last Thursday.  I am now able to lift my right arm up and the tension on the tendon has been hugely decreased.  I was getting a very sore armpit from the rubbing and that has eased considerably as well.  It is hoped that the next lot of chemo (Friday) will help too.

However nice the staff are, it doesn't make the local anawhatsit needle any less painful though.  But it is done now.  Another 100ml of bleuch.  When the anawhatsit wears off, it will be spiky pain for a while. I wish there was some painkiller between Ibruprofen and Morphine that I could take, without catastrophic side effects - either breathlessness and flu like symptoms or St Vitus dance have been the effects of Codeine so far, so best to avoid them.

Tim has taken HWISO off to teach him how to play golf this afternoon, as rain has stopped combine play.  They said they would be back much later with fish and chips.  Tim had on an outfit that is more than acceptable in Italy, where the line between well-dressed and overtly gay is less well defined.  I'm not sure that Stowmarket Golf Club is quite ready for him.....

The two angels have stopped fighting and gone off to Southwold to stay with one of the mermaids so I am looking forward to a peaceful afternoon.

I hate cancer today.  Just saying.

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  1. I love the way you always manage to inject a bit of humour into traumatic events (sorry about the use of the word 'inject'!!) You are an absolute star and we love you. (I have this alarming picture in my mind of the Italian-gay styling...)