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Friday 5 July 2013

Is it sad

that I have been discussing Heaven with the Mod Squad and confessed that my idea of Heaven is to have eternity to put Hilde right about parents and eating disorders?

After I have given Sigi a chair to talk to about his dangly bits obsession....


  1. KrisBaldo05 July, 2013

    Hah! I would feel SO wonderful about you doing those two things in heaven.

    No, it is NOT sad!

  2. It's actually a great comfort to me to think that you will have that pleasure! And I know that you will do it so well!

  3. You won't need all of eternity, you goose. I don't give them twenty minutes with you before they're begging to be demoted downstairs to hell in fits of contrition.

  4. I second everything that KrisBaldo, Colleen and Laura have said here. Please make Hilde read Ch's 7 & 8 in my book and tell her that it's her fault and I hope she feels horrible about that. And that she needs to do some remedying of all that damage spit spot. As for Sigi...oh how I'd love to hear that tongue lashing. Ever since my freshman year psych class I have wondered how on earth this nut -jobs theories became so wide spread. Without the internet even...