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Thursday 5 December 2013

Just can't live without you

So an up and down day. Such bad back ache that I had to have oramorph at lunch time. I fell asleep and woke up to the delightful face of Bundy on her way home from seeing her mum.  She was shortly followed by Erica bearing delicious cakes in a lovely Green box. Such joy.

We giggled and laughed and talked about holidays and children. It did me so much good.

HWISO didn't come today. A well deserved day off for him. When I spoke to him this evening, I realised I can't bear him coming tomorrow if I can't leave with him.

Why does life have to be such a roller coaster?  

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  1. Hi Charlotte

    I keep looking on your blog in the hope to see some progress on how you are. And so pleased your blogging again. Although our meeting was brief I admire everything your going through and how tough you need to be. Glad (although it may seem funny to say) that your crying as we all now how much therapy that can be but keep strong (as you are) and your get through part of this episode. Try and focus on the laughing and giggling as we did in F5 and hopefully you will be back in there soon. We are all with you Sue xxx