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Tuesday 10 December 2013

Hot, hot, hot

So it's December, one of our coldest months. I know I am in hospital and should be kept warm but should I be lying here, with the window open, only a thin sheet for cover and be sweating?

No, of course not but welcome to the Basildon CTC purpose built hospital - opened by Gordon Brown, where there is no WiFi, the plugs are in the wrong place, there is a lack of basic equipment but the lights are good enough to operate under in the bedrooms. I could go on but need to wipe my brow, as can hardly see for the steam....

Meanwhile, let's continue to underpay our nurses, feed our patients slop (42p per day is the budget) and overpay for light bulbs that are unnecessary. The CTC looks good, even though painted in the generic NHS colours. The staff are still over and under valued. The plaque in the front  celebrating Gordon's visit to open the centre obviously gets polished every day.

So what's wrong with the NHS?


And not enough nurses in charge. 

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