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Wednesday 11 December 2013


I don't care that the West Suffolk is housed in a building well past it's use by date.  Or that the paint is peeling and cracking. Or that the windows don't shut properly. Or that I am once again in a side ward on my own. Or that the day is conducted to a background of drilling and hammering as the workmen set to on the roof above.

 To be back within ten minutes of home brings indescribable comfort, knowing that I won't die in Pylonia, as my brothers call it. (The main farming crop of Essex being pylons).

It was an interesting experience being in a modern specialist, purpose built hospital but at the end of it all, my overwhelming impression is that of a hospital run along 1984 lines, not a member of our beloved NHS.

To be back among friends, including KL, is joy.

Last but not least a huge thank you to Suzie, who broke down the impenetrable walls of CTC yesterday to deliver much needed food, cheer and normality. Love you. 


  1. Bravo to one and all who helped with the Great Escape!

    Who would ever want a shiny new Harrods Teddy Bear with a huge shiny bow when the comfort of their old, tattered and much loved old teddy is all! xx

  2. So glad you're closer to home!

  3. Very glad to hear it!!!