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Saturday 14 December 2013

Morning off

I was going to have the morning off blogging this morning but can't let Fiona Mary down so thought I would do a short mimble.

It is lovely to be home, in my own bed, having eaten delicious home cooked chicken casserole for supper. It is lovely to have my own loo. It is lovely to have my own cup of tea out of a china mug, not plastic, with biscuits, to eat when I want, to wander around without having to deal with fire doors. Oh the bliss.

The house looks so Christmassy. Loving what HWISO and Em have done. Really feeling a new phase of life is starting.



  1. Sighing with happiness for you!

  2. Sandra White14 December, 2013

    Wonderful news! Being home makes all the difference. Enjoy the festive season. xx