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Monday 9 December 2013


Colleen asked me to blog about my hand, so here goes. It is still very swollen and tingly.  I still have a drain in. It still has little feeling in it BUT it is getting better.

Although incredibly heavy, I have found away to arrange it when in bed to keep it up and, hopefully, drain more lymph off. It is lighter although awkward and unwieldy. I am hoping to get back to the West Suffolk and my specialist nurse there. I also find it easier to use at home. I have a chair I can sit in and am able to control my own medication, unlike here where I have been left for up to an hour whilst my nurse was involved with another patient. Not fun. Not pain management. Not likely to inspire confidence.

As for the hand, I have noticed two different reactions. Half the medical staff are gentle, stroke it, tell me I am doing well and encourage me. The other half regard it with disdain and something akin to repulsion.

I am struggling on learning to do up my shirt wrong handed and one handed, which makes life tough.

But at least I am trying. 

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