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Friday 13 December 2013

Stitched up

So Miss A says I can go home if I let "the boys"  put in another couple of stitches to keep the drain in.     The boys are her registrars and are grown up and lovely. Anyways, I agreed and after much impressive knowledge of hospital bedside equipment, (if you want the overhead light on full, switch button to "Off"position), new stitches,with the aid of local anawhatsit were put in.

I am too exhausted to get dressed just now and demonstrate my prowess with the Zimmer Frame to the physiotherapist so have retired to bed in a naked but for a sheet heap.

What is so refreshing is that after over two weeks of everyone being too frightened to prescribe aqueous cream for the skin rubbed raw by the left-over stitches, it was lovely the way Miss A gave instructions and didn't feel the need to over control.

I am hoping the family will follow Miss A's example when I get home. 

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