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Wednesday 4 December 2013

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The 1st December and I'm in Basildon, in a ward with a madman.  One who thinks of nothing of turning on the Football Channel at 3am  or deciding to hold a long conversation whilst on the commode.  He keeps asking if I feel as lousy as him. How would I know?  I find it hard to stay awake, my love affair with morphine is well and truly over and anyone who voluntarily puts themselves up for this kind of pain for vanity is schoopid. Really schoopid.

It takes all sorts, I suppose and HWISO and Tim have emerged from this experience closer than ever but twice as batty!!

As for me, you will not be surprised to know I have stood up to the class bully, fallen even more in love with Dr R and devised away to get back to the West Suffolk and the team there. The Registrar said he could quite understand why I wanted to go back there - thanks Sue H - and how heartening it was to ring a. Hospital where everyone knew who the patient was

More to blog later but feel a little ziz coming on


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