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Friday 13 December 2013

Christmas coming early

Oh the joy of being home. Having had Em over on Wednesday, I then had a lovely hour with G yesterday, hearing about her life, her boyfriend and managing, even from my hospital bed, to fix her phone.

At the same time,HWISO and G had managed to find my dad wandering the corridors, whilst my stepmother was having an assessment for her suspected stroke. So he came up too and chatted away. It was slightly surreal.

Then Darling Christine came bearing choccies and smelliest and wondrous smiles in the afternoon. A tough session with Occupational Therapy resulted in a grump which was lightened by the arrival of Rebecca.

I credit Rebecca with starting the lymph draining from my hand a week ago when she came and massaged it. I said this to Miss A yesterday. Miss A did then point out I was lucky because any sudden changes in the amount of bodily fluid can kill you. So whenBex offered to bring her cream and massage my hand again I had to reluctantly say no. I explained why. She went into meltdown

"I could have killed you," she said.

"Through kindness," I said. "That makes it ok!!"

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