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Monday 23 December 2013


Wrote to me yesterday to complain about my lack of blogging. He wanted to know my news and for me to keep him up to date, which seemed fair enough. I also had an email from Colleen that made me laugh out loud for ages. I also got a lovely email from L in the US. So I thought I would combine all three to give you an answer and see if it helped.

Firstly I am sitting Shiva for who I was and who I can never be again. This means I sit and mourn that which has gone and let others do everything for me for seven days. I quite like that idea - the lack of responsibility, the ability to concentrate on one's own grief, the time set aside to mourn.

Colleen's email was all about her quilt, did I like it? Did I hate it? Do I no longer want it? What? How? When? Why?

I love it and am awaiting instructions on how to hang it properly.

Dad, I hope this explains a bit, along with the arrival of C, the lymphodema  nurse who has transformed our lives but given me a long list of things to do, four Drs appointments in the hospital and a lot of exercises etc for me to start. I am knackered. Absolutely knackered.


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  1. I am absolutely honored at getting a mention on your blog and SO incredibly happy that my email was helpful in some way. I always and only wish I could say or do more...