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Friday, 6 December 2013

Mountains and Mohammed's...

The Mountain and Mohammed

Having banned HWISO from coming to see me under any circumstances, so I could wallow in misery and self-inflicted loneliness, he turned up as usual about 3.30 pm having made an appointment to meet my surgeon and talk about taking me home.

It was an interesting meeting, the upshot of which is that my surgeon never wants to see me again once I leave (half of me proud:half deeply offended) so he wants me to be really well when I leave.

He did say that this operation may lengthen my life by a few months. It also may not, if I get some kind of infection.

They have done an amazing job, as Erica rightly said.  The surgeon is, however, the jailor with the key to my freedom. So I shall continue to treat him with the abject suspicion he deserves until I am home. Meanwhile, HWISO won various freedoms for me, whilst discussing driving in the snow, including me being allowed to get off the wards. Hurrah.

However, no going home till Monday. Sigh. Another weekend in Basildon looms. I can't wait for my take away with Ali but will have to put it off for another week.

I shall ring darling Erica who has making homemade Marron Glacee between blogs and while away a morning with her, whilst seeing if anyone can get here through the snow and wind.

And write some more blogs.....

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  1. I do love a man who knows when, and when not, to listen to his wife.