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Thursday 12 December 2013

Why I am scarred

So I have this MRSA right and need to shower every day with antibacterial stuff. This morning, I decided to get done early before either a) the hot water went on the blink again: or. B) all the peeps who are coming to see me this morning arrived.

I got myself undressed, found new Clothes, gathered a towel and then completely ran out of energy. I collapsed stark naked back into bed and after about 10 mins managed to cover my modesty and stop dry gulping. I had lost my call bell and felt way too humiliated to ask for any help. So I whimpered to myself for over an hour before someone stuck their head round to see how I was.

Of course the staff here were lovely and kind and listened to my fears about not being able to cope at home. I even plucked up enough courage to ask my breakfast lady to butter my toast, which she did willingly, unlike at Basildon.

I am still afraid (and would much rather have Tim, than any other person except HWISO looking after me) but your comments and love and support have bolstered me.

Shower attempt 2 coming up. 

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