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Tuesday 3 January 2012


The downsides of 2011 were breast cancer and aquagenic urticaria.

The upside of cancer: the wonderful treatment team, the night in a private hospital, new friends, special pyjamas from Stephanie Milstein and Colleen Wise, M coming to stay for a joyous, glorious, peaceful two weeks, a new mattress topper from my mother, hats from Carrie Arnold and so much love and understanding.

The upside of aquagenic urticaria: my lovely doctor with a "Cherman" accent straight out of "Allo Allo".  Both Mum and I sat transfixed in our first meeting waiting for him to say "The Madonna with the Big Boobies" and totally missed his actual instructions.


  1. I really hope that 2012 is a better year for you Charlotte... You were amazingly brave given the crappiness of 2011..


  2. My dearest Charlotte,

    You are truly a living legend. Such a tough year for you and yet you were still SO there for others in need. And how I love your humour. I'm going to be eternally left with the image of your"Cherman" doctor and "Allo Allo" every time I think of your cancer treatment!

    2012 - Onward and upward and cancer can take a hike!

    Martine xoxoxo

  3. Did he ever reveal the whereabouts of the Madonna?