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Thursday 12 January 2012

They could have just asked us

This research has just been published highlighting the efficacy of Exposure therapy in treating patients with anorexia nervosa, who may have a co-morbid Anxiety condition or are on the OCD spectrum.

C&M made a film about this a year ago and it has been something we have been discussing on the forum for some years now and offering practical guidelines.

Now we are all in favour of anything that helps in the recovery from an eating disorder.  But credit where credit is due?


  1. Awesome film. Awesome paper :)

    The paper is dated December 2010, so it's been published for over a year. And given that it can take up to 9 months for a paper to be published after peer-review and acceptance, the work may have been done in early 2010, or even 2009..

    What it shows is that Great Minds Think Alike.

    I used a de-sensitisation technique to re-feed from low weight AN - because my AN and OCD (and anxiety) were very much intertwined.

    Great Minds Think Alike, Charlotte xxx

  2. Ooh oh oh - a friend of mine is really interested in the CRT trial being prepared, can she be included as well? Apparently it was even suggested to her by a therapist a while back but there's no provision for it in her area of the country/NHS at the moment.

    Weirdly enough, I don't think my DIY treatment had any elements of ERP associated with eating itself, I just got on with that. I was more scared of gaining weight than of eating, I was okay with the eating bit from day one (I know, I'm odd). But I guess it's a form of ERP to have to - as I did - weigh yourself every week and see your weight creep up by a pound each time, and to have to avoid responding to that. Oh, and I also had to take eating during the evening at a very slow pace as well, since I was terrified that eating after 4pm would make me sick overnight. It only took about a week of full on refeeding before I was happily having snacks at 10pm before bed though.

    I was agoraphobic several years ago and I didn't do DIY ERP for that either, I just randomly told my friends I'd go on a two day trip to Manchester with them, freaked out for several weeks but went anyway and was magically cured. This is clearly a pattern :P