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Thursday 19 January 2012

Getting there

Kate Thornton's brave documentary on anorexia last night. An interesting watch and, although a little too much emphasis on control for my liking, an all round myth-busting programme.

When people talk about "control", I hear anxiety, fear and compulsion.


  1. All round one of the best popular magazine programmes I've seen. There were definitely things that could have been included that weren't (Kate, you don't have to go to London or Norwich to find an ED service, there's one 5 minutes away from your primary school) and some emphasis on "control" that could have been much better explained, but all in all 3 Cheers for Kate Thornton and Channel 5 - not something I thought I would be saying

  2. I agree about how the term 'control' is used and articulated.

    I always said, as a teen and young adult, that my AN was 'about' control. By that I meant that I 'needed' order and predictability, which I achieved through controlling my food intake, counting calories and my weight.

    The control aspect had nothing to do with wanting to control other people in any way, and I didn't have controlling parents.