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Tuesday 3 January 2012

Mirror mirror

I have never really enjoyed dressing up or doing my hair, painting my nails or wearing make up and I actively avoid looking in the mirror.  I would rather go to the dentist than the hairdresser.  I go for comfort and familiarity over trends and "fashion".  If I find a pair of jeans I like, I tend to buy four pairs and then I don't have to bother buying them again for at least four years.  I hate trying things on and I have loads of clothes that I like to look at but never wear.  Who knows when they may come in useful?  I have had the same hairdryer since I left school and got my first job.  I have had my Penelope Chilvers cowboy boots resoled and reheeled 5 times since I bought them 7 years ago because I like them, they are comfortable, they work and I don't need another pair of boots.  My mascara - well, it has seen better days an I have had the same two lipsticks for a zillion years.

Why oh why did I get two daughters who have hair straighteners and hair curlers (Huh?), hot brushes, wardrobes full of "trendy" clothes, spend hours in the bathroom and never appear without full make?


  1. Haha :) You may score 8 and I may score 43, but we have similar opinions with regard to clothes and make-up! Well, no , I actually beat you in not even owning a mascara or lipstick :D

    This one is down to age and culture - methinks! I rarely see teen girls who are not glammed up. I wonder how they can be bothered.


  2. It is my fault, it is obviously contagious. Sorry.

  3. I'm in the Charlotte and Cathy team on this one too! I don't wear make up except on special occasions (like, twice a year?), and I live in jeans and a hoodie most of the time. I am missing a girl gene somewhere, I swear.

  4. What gets me is why do you need both straighteners and curlers? Sigh....