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Tuesday 24 January 2012

Lipstick Junction

The brilliant Carrie Arnold has written this blog, which just about sums up everything that is BAD about the whole "If you love your body, you won't get an eating disorder" nonsense.  Just to warn you that with Eating Disorders Awareness Week coming up, we are about to see a whole lot more of this unhelpful nonsense peddled around as "research".

Instead of talking about lipstick and not wearing make-up for a week, to stand in solidarity with those who suffer from an eating disorder, how about doing something much more useful.  Eating disorders are brain circuitry disorders (thank you, Katie) and not about make-up.  Why don't we talk about that?  How about support for the families who are being peddled nonsense about not hugging their children enough as babies and enmeshment issues?  Or signing the Men Get Eating Disorders Too Petition?

Oh and keep your lipstick on.  Not wearing it for a week won't prevent anyone getting an eating disorder.


  1. I absolutely agree. What a ridiculous concept. My son never wore lipstick, or any make-up for that matter apart from in the school play, and he was hugged all the time as a child.

    And, anyway, no-one would notice if I didn't wear lipstick for a week because I don't wear the stuff anyway.

  2. Ditto Batty Matty - lipstick? What lipstick? I don't suit make up, I look like a five year old who has raided her mother's bedroom. I stick by my original comment to Carrie, which was something along the lines of OMGWTFBBQ.

    Also: brain circuitry disorders! Whoo!