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Thursday 19 January 2012

AQ as opposed to IQ

Following Miranda's comment to me, the known link between autism and anorexia and my new friend, K's bewilderment at the re-emergence of OCD symptoms, I thought I would link this.

Simon B-C is another one of my brain crushes.  If I could just get him to squeeze in Bear Grylls' body......


  1. However much a try to obtain a lower score I still get over 40... Hmmm.

    Yet, on Baron-Cohen's Empathy Quotient I score nearer 'normal'. Empathy can be learnt, however.

    On obsessive-compulsive scales I score top marks...

    I am happy with my IQ score :)

    Btw, Simon Baron-Cohen has a very soothing voice...

  2. I generally score pretty high on AQ tests, too. I have many of those traits, although I don't think I would ever receive an ASC diagnosis. I think it's a lot like Cathy said- I had to learn a lot of those things along the way. But I'm very obsessive and introverted, and definitely quirky!

  3. Simon Baron-Cohen's voice is absolutely gorgeous. Daughter isn't a fan because she says that he doesn't understand literate women (i.e. that you can have a high AQ and it not be reflected in his test because you have learned how fiction works). Anyone know of any other AQ tests that are not by him, or even better that ARE but don't include questions on fiction so that I can enjoy his voice and daughter can get what she feels would be a truer reading of her difficulties.

  4. There is an argument that ASC presents differently in girls/women than boys/men. See:

    Kind of weird what Judith Gould says about a girl with autism wanting to be a cat... Sounds somewhat familiar, methinks...

    Tony Attwood argeus that girls with Asperger's often love fiction and immerse themselves in it quite obsessively...

  5. I scored 35. Oh god!! I've done that test before actually and scored similar. I agree with everyone - I would say we can all have many of these traits but not have an actually ASC diagnosis. But I was not surprised when my doctor suggested it.

  6. I score highly on the AQ test, but get a perfectly normal, nearly 100% accurate score on the mind in the eyes test. My AQ score went down from 2010-11: in 2010, shortly after reaching weight restoration, it was 42 (lol). In 2011, after eighteen months of weight restoration and a year of living independently, it had dropped down to 31. So I have high levels of ASC traits and anxiety, but I also learn quickly and my brain has probably done some healing too :)

    Love all this nerdy stuff. You are writing about all my favourite nerdy stuff at the moment Charlotte! Quantum physics, consciousness and neurobiology, mmm...this is probably why I stay home on Friday nights.