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Tuesday 17 January 2012


My daughter is going to be 16 next week.  To me, it seems like yesterday - bad back, really unattractive maternity trousers, too hot, 17 pillows to sleep with, a craving for citrus fruit that was so bad I actually went and bought 5 boxes of oranges and limes off the market.  And now here she is, all grown up.

She has been investigating things she can now legally do at 16 (apart from the obvious).  She has asked for money for her birthday and my fear is that she will now buy this or this.  You are allowed to buy animals at 16, except no cows, which is quite a relief, as we have too many of those already.

She is also allowed to buy a chain saw (Arghhhh!) but not the petrol to go in it (Phew).  She is also not allowed to buy the hot man wielding the chain saw in the picture....

Luckily, last night, Brian Cox came back on our screens.  She now says she wants a telescope.  Thank goodness for Brian......


  1. I LOVE this post :o) It had so many of my favourite things squashed into a few lines:

    *Hairy cows
    *Brian Cox!!!!!

    I can't get very excited about chainsaws, however...

    Wishing an early Happy Birthday to you daughter!


  2. Alpacas!!! Love them...

    I have a telescope and am a massive astronomy geek; you may already have your own pet astro geek but if you want any advice on choosing a nice telescope let me know!

  3. I agree- if your daughter buys any of the above (alpacas, goats, hairy cows, telescopes, and/or Brian Cox), I must say she's got a good head on her shoulders. ;)

    Actually an alpaca might be a good investment- their wool can be spun into beautiful and pricey yarn!