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Thursday 5 January 2012

Shhhh. Listen....

Can you hear that?  No?  Concentrate really hard.

The faint swoosh of the dishwasher that will only have to go on once today.  The silent sigh of the kettle, taking a rest from it heated bubbling.  The old house relaxing, as it no longer vibrates mournfully to the bass line of NDubz.  No manic roaring of a hairdryer.  No straining water pump churning out hot water for long showers.  The silent TV.  No deep rumbling of HWISO calling out my name in the vague hope of some attention.  No increasing volume of a baby bird calling out "Where's my ....?  Have you washed my ...? Emily is so annoying.  Georgie, just shut up will you".

Just the wind and the faint hum of the computer and me, gently breathing.


  1. keep breathing Charlotte - they'll be back after school!

  2. Want to swap? No joking.
    My kids keep bickering and freaking out and annoying each other just to get some entertainment.
    They could entertain you?!

  3. Really sweet of you, Louie. Such a kind offer. Er, how to be polite? No thanks.....

  4. Amazingly simple but wonderful, isn't it C

  5. Shh, listen... Shhh! 5-4-3-2-1...right, that's 5 minutes off your lunchtime! You've had two weeks off, what do you mean you haven't got a pencil?! Shhh!
    Enjoy, people.

  6. Make the most of it Charlotte. It's only temporary!