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Sunday 15 January 2012

What's in a name?

Certain names resonate with me.  For instance, I have five close girlfriends called Sophie.  I automatically like people called Sophie.  I don't know why but early experience obviously taught me (rightly or wrongly) that people called Sophie are soft, warm and kind (Yes Mrs D, I am talking about you!).

Over the years, as the local town creeps ever nearer our rural idyll, farmers become even more reviled and the economic situation in our country makes it harder and harder to continue farming, we have flirted with the moving.  Firstly, to France, where farmers are revered and have huge political sway.  Or to my brother's part of Italy, where a farmer averages 2/3 crops per year and they all drive Lamborghinis. No, not the car -  the tractors.

However, thanks to a forum member, I have now decided I want to live here, just because of the name.  The fact that it has 3 breweries, the Gibson Guitar company and was once the ancestral home of the wonderfully named Potawatomi Chief Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish helps and the fact that I can sing the name - Kalamazoo, zoo zoo zoo etc.

I have also discovered a wonderful therapist with a wonderful name there - Rhonda Overberger - suitably Welsh first name, suitably strong surname.  All I have to do is persuade her to change her middle name to Sophie and my life will be complete.

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