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Tuesday 3 January 2012

Bear in the family.

Continuing my obsession with Bear Grylls, I sat down to watch his trek with Jonathan Ross last night.  It was another charming piece of television.  I am not a particular fan of "Wossie" since the Andrew Sachs episode - no one disses Manuel.  However, it became quite apparent that JR is not the townie sissy he makes himself out to be.

As a sidenote, when talking about Bear Grylls at Sunday lunch with Aunt Sarah (Great Aunty Tarty, as she is known to all the great nieces!), I was actually lost for words when she told me that she used to go out with his father.

Just imagine, in another world, Bear Grylls could have been a cousin.  How cool would that have been?


  1. Wow! (And I just LOVE the 'Great Aunt Tarty'!!)

  2. No waaaaaaay! How awesome. I do know that he was brought up in Dorset and that his mother still lives there, but your claim to him is much greater :P your Aunt Sarah sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. Aunt Sarah is huge fun and thoroughly indiscreet at times. Love her. I also know that her daughter will be reading this, with her head in her hands groaning faintly........