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Friday 6 January 2012


C&M are applying for a grant.  In the past I have helped out Professor Treasure with a bit of grant writing.  She has been known to get slightly irritated with me for twiddling her grants from "Granteze", a specific non-specific language invented entirely for writing grant applications, to plain English.

As M is in the USA and doesn't get out of her bed until after lunch here, I took the opportunity to write the skeleton of the grant application yesterday morning.  I knew I must have got the "Granteze" right - totally inexplicable and slightly boring - when she told me that she had started to read it and then been overcome with an irresistible urge to spend the next two days on the beach.  She then informed me that, sadly, her printer was not working and there is no WiFi on the beach so she would not be taking the grant application with her.



  1. Seems a rational response to me! But only if she brings us with her - where's MY beach invite, hmm?

  2. You are both with me darlings and many good thoughts of you both crossing my mind.
    Grant is here too...and likes the beach too :p
    PS Grant looks great!