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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Organisation Part 2

My mother is due to arrive for Christmas any moment.
I know she will enjoy redoing the saucepan cupboard. I am not so sure about the jumper cupbaord, though.  I think she may be a little miffed that they are all muddled up and not colour co-ordinated.

However, I am not going to let her touch a single thing until she tells me where my jeans are.  They are not a) where I left them; b) in my cupboard; c) in my other cupboard; d) in my chest of drawers.  I have been forced to wash and dry my one pair of jeans overnight for two weeks now.

Let's hope when she returns to the scene of the crime, she might have Total Recall.....


  1. Can you direct her onto some really needed activity; i.e. the sort you have been putting off for the past year? xx