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Monday 26 December 2011

What a difference some hair makes....

For my brothers
Me in May 2011 with my "old" hair

Christmas Day 2011
The tattos aren't real!

I miss my hair


  1. You look like one tough lady! The hair will grow back, right?

  2. I giggled at the second photo :)

    I'm really proud of you that you have got through all the crap of the past year. I admire you A LOT...

    Your hair will grow back quickly. Mine was almost as short as yours is now in December 2010 after I had an epic crop. It's now grown down below my chin :)

    I really hope to catch up with you in person in 2012!


  3. Loving the incongruity of the pearls!

  4. Tattoos made me giggle. Hair will grow back. A Happy, Healthy (and Hairy) New Year to you, dear Charlotte.