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Tuesday 6 December 2011

Dog Days

I have been nagged by my great friend Sarah to do another blog.  To be honest, I have been wiped out by my trip to London for the Maudsley Carers Conference and have been trying to assimilate the information.  But since Sarah asked, I thought I would give her wonderful dog hotel, The House of Mutt, a bit of PR.  Not that she needs it, being the official Dog Hotel for Harrods.

Now Sarah is pretty cool.  She was the first female officer in the Household Cavalry Regiment.

Now she, and her husband David, run the most wonderful luxurious and rumbustious dog hotel.  In Suffolk, near Knettishall Heath, the hotel organises wonderful holidays for city dogs.  I just happen to love the photos.

The reason I love Sarah is she is so much like me - a no-nonsense type of girl.  Very few Terms and Conditions start like this:

Before outlining the more usual terms and conditions, it should be emphasised that all dogs at the House of Mutt will be walked on fields, woods, riverbanks, beaches and forests, and will be living in a home environment alongside a small number of similarly socialised dogs.  Every care will be taken to ensure the dogs are safe at all times, but if owners are not happy with this level of fun and freedom they should arrange for isolated, kennelled accommodation elsewhere – what I call the ‘hermetically sealed box option’.


  1. Now, that's the kind of honest and direct terms and conditions everyone should be required to offer!

  2. Sarah Mountford06 December, 2011

    Gor'jus girl - and what fine & kind words. Thank you x (And while we're on the subject of fine words, isn't 'rumbustious' just the very finest of them all!)