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Saturday 10 December 2011


When I went off to London last week, I left my mother in charge at home.  She was wonderful.  The dogs and children and HWISO loved having her.  Apparently, she doesn't nag about homework and is always grateful for a glass of wine.

And I love her.  So very much.

BUT she did some "organising" of my stuff whilst she was here.  The saucepan cupboard, a week later, is nearly back to its organised chaos - the ones I use most at the front and the others jammed behind so they cascade with a satisfying crash should you dislodge the wrong one.  My sweater cupboard is a whole new problem.  I had them organised in type - polonecks on one shelf, cardigans on another and so on and so forth.  Mum, having been shooed out of the kitchen, idled away a lovely hour putting them all into colours, rather than types.  This has made getting dressed this fine, crispy, cold winter morning a little more stressful than normal due to being unable to find favourite poloneck as it was stashed carefully near the bottom of the pastels pile.  Sigh.

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  1. Oh, I'd love my mum to come and sort out the chaos that I laughingly call my wardrobe!