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Thursday 22 December 2011

Basal Ganglia Disfunction

Such a catchy title.  Before you even start, how do you say "basal"?  Is it said the same way as Americans say basil (bayzle)? Or like the town in Switzerland (barzle)? Or like the first part of the vinegar (basal(mic))?

All I know is that it is a very nerdy subject, that I am trying to get my head round.  If you Google it, the results are headed up by my new favourite subject - Deep Brain.  There is talk of Tourettes, movement, OCD, strokes, Huntingtons, Parkinsons, palsy, schizophrenia and then this stuff about eating disorders.

Is it sad that all I want for Christmas is the Lask/Frampton book?


  1. I wish I was there by the Christmas tree reading and discussing said book with you.
    Instead I bought myself a book called Bonk, seriously - go Google. LOL xxx

  2. I'm going to read the books I already have before asking for any more. That doesn't include the books that I have given back and have been given away!

  3. Bonk ~ under Psychology & Counseling books on Amazon ;-)