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Tuesday 6 December 2011

A Georgian In London

Kate Tchanturia, psychologist, at KCL is one very cool lady.  I saw her talk the other day.  She spoke in English, her third language (after Georgian and Russian).  I always admire anyone who can talk more than one language, let alone discuss the workings of the brain, complete with large plastic model to point at.  She was discussing Cognitive Remediation Therapy.  My really intelligent question at the end of her fascinating talk was when was her book coming out.  She smiled sweetly and said it was still in the trial phase but there may be a chance that a few parents could try it out at home.

This is a fascinating therapy on so many levels and across so many areas of mental disorder, not just eating disorders.  The main aim, as far as I can work out, is to increase flexibility in cognitive tasks.  There are no points and, therefore, no prizes.  It would be a set of exercises with no winner by dint of intellectual excellence.  Thus, I immediately saw how useful it would be for our family to do some of these exercises (not that we are ultra competitive or anything).  I see endless possibilities outside the mental health field as well.  

I am hoping that Kate will pick me out of the 25 or  so families who have volunteered so far.  I also hope that someone, somewhere will fund Kate's research so that all 25 of us volunteer families can have a go.

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