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Monday 16 September 2013


I am not a great one for those slogans that seem to pepper my Facebook Wall. Inspirational quotes are not really my thing (except for Winston Churchill, but that's another blog).

My friend, Deirdre Malfatto, an excellent photographer, sent me this photograph of beehives today.

Our beehives are all white and sort of beehivey. Normal beehives, in fact.  These beehives really rocked my world this morning.  I love the colours and the simplicity and the mis-matched shapes and sizes.

To get the longer view, she sent me another one.

Somehow, I love the chaos of it all and to know that inside each differently coloured, shaped box is a very organised colony of bees, making honey.  They somehow know which beehive is theirs and they know their job.  I wonder if they look down on their neighbours and have buzzing conversations about the "poor saps in the blue and yellow" or yearn to work their way up to the terracotta layer?

I also wonder if this is what my brain would look like in a photograph?  I rather hope it is.  Organised structure inside a chaos of colour.

So that's my inspirational picture for the day

"I hope this is what my brain looks like"

Hmmm.  Not sure how many people it's going to inspire but it really works for me. 

1 comment:

  1. D is a talented photographer with an eye for the sublime.

    I love the repeating yellow......