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Tuesday 24 September 2013

Back to normal

What a day yesterday was and I can't thank people enough for all their help, money and promises of blood.  It WILL make a difference. And for those who haven't see ****squeak**** I got a birthday message from Joseph Gordon Levitt!  

It was a long day (2.30 am until 8.30 pm, with chemo and a two hour nap in the middle) but I hope it brings hope and help to patients and their families.  Laura, you're just epic.

To lighten my intense tweeting and sharing, I got the funniest update from my dear friend, C, she who googles about my cancer and treatment for me, so I don't have to.  Her mother is ordained in the Church of England and is "something" in the Council and VERY well respected.

Imagine C's surprise to receive this text from her:

"If you go to the pet shop today please can you get some dick flavoured cat biscuits?"

Word from the wise one: DON'T GOOGLE IT.

Meanwhile, since super-cleaner Alex cleaned out the washing machine, the tumble dryer has now gone on strike in protest.  Well, not exactly on strike - more emits loud grinding metallic sound when it is turned on.  Dilemma?  Should I continue to use it until it explodes?  Call an engineer?  Get Alex to come and see if it's dust related?

Technology is NOT liking me.  I can only get my emails on my old laptop at the moment and so am scooting around trying to work it out.  If I don't get back to you as quickly as usual, it is a technical/ can't find the charger/ Tim borrowed it and it is all in Italian/ Google translate of emails is good but not that good/ keep using the mouse for the Apple and it doesn't work on the laptop/ issue.  

The downside of this wretched shoulder is that anything that doesn't button up the front in the shirt department is more or less impossible to get on these days.  HWISO gently eased me into the FU Cancer t-shirt for chemo and then had to ease me out again, on return home.  It is not fair on him really but it does give everyone a boost on the ward, especially the nurses.

The hair - the worst bit about cancer treatment is the hair.....just saying.

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