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Friday 11 November 2011

What is it with the towels?

In my short-lived effort to rehome the teenagers' "stuff" back to their bedrooms, I had a bit of a splutter.  Why do teenage girls get a new towel from the airing cupboard EVERY time they have a shower or a bath?  When finished why do they drop barely-used towel on bedroom floor to add to the pile of damp towels already there?  Is there a part of the teenage girl's brain that is incapable of putting damp towel on a radiator or on the plethora of towel rails which lurk in every bathroom?

I think that this has something to answer for.  Too much of a short back and sides, rather than getting rid of the split ends perhaps?


  1. Charlotte, I think our daughters really are twins!

  2. Charlotte, I have the same problem, only in my house, wet towels seem to live on my bed!!!