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Saturday 12 November 2011

Continental Drift.

We spend a lot of time on the forum learning about our nations divided by language.  For example, thongs are knickers here but in Australia, they are flip flops.  Americans wear pants whereas we wear trousers (with thongs underneath?).  For me, nothing has illustrated this divide quite so much recently as the two conferences.

The F.E.A.S.T. symposium held in Alexandria, Washington, Virginia a couple of weeks ago.  Beautifully organised in a hotel.  Everyone very excited.  Lots of emails and posts on the forum.  Everyone seemed to take care of their travel arrangements and meet up effortlessly, despite having flown thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean or from the West Coast of the USA.  Some drove from the North.  Others from the South.  Hotel rooms were booked.  Sharing was arranged.  Buses from the airport were examined.  Car parking was available.  The countdown started in March, some six months in advance.  Everyone knew where to be, at what time and with whom.  The wonderful Laura Collins managed the event with military precision.

Marcella and I are due to talk at this event, show this film and take Q&As from the audience.  The F.E.A.S.T. UK team are turning out in force to support us, alongside one of our scientific advisers.  Our organisation tactics are somewhat different to our American cousins.  For anyone not familiar with the workings of the South London road and other transport system, it must sound as if we are talking a different language.


  1. I didn't click on 'this film' because I'm going to see it in a few weeks, presented by one of the producers! I will not be wearing thongs of any kind but do look forward to your version of Laura's 3am tap dance...

  2. Laura's 3am tap dance was awesome, I hope we get a repeat performance next year! Along the same lines, Carrie and I had this discussion with me contributing "fanny packs" and Carrie laughing at "fags" (in the cigarette sense). I love differences in language!

  3. I have bookmarked your blog on my homepage, Charlotte my love. Your abilites and talents of expression are absolutely awesome. I look forward to your blogs, humor and wisdom.