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Wednesday 23 November 2011

Exhausted but triumphant

So my sweet friend M is coming for 2 weeks over Christmas, with her son M (M&M - sweet - get it?).  This means I have to clear my office out so that we can fit a sofa bed in.  (No, M, he cannot sleep on an air mattress for 2 weeks!).  This means I had to move the filing cabinet into the cupboard, which is full of Christmas presents.  So I needed to wrap 6 stockings and various others presents to clear the cupboard.

On top of that, the wonderful Mary Beth, leader of the F.E.A.S.T. Medical Training Task Force sent me 10 boxes of the AED Early Recognition and Medical Risk paper (just under 2,000), as I volunteered to be the distribution point for the UK.  I need to send 3 boxes to various recipients at different ends of the country.  The addresses are somewhere on a long chain of emails and I get distracted reading the email chain whilst looking for the addresses.  I discovered Laura's Christmas present (which I had forgotten I had bought and is very stupid and silly and NO, Laura, you don't have to get me one!) at the bottom of the cupboard and need to get that off to the US before the last posting date (9th December) in a squashy envelope.  Note to self, always helpful to put the card in before you seal up the envelope.

I have also found a couple of old printers and scanners (why did I keep them?), two portfolios of my late mother-in-law's designs for jewellery needing sorting, bags of photos which need putting in albums and a collection of carrier bags.

So I have done the presents - about 200 of them today, got the boxes ready to go, found another home for the portfolios and the photos (in M's bedroom - got to keep her busy somehow!) and smooshed the carrier bags into a big pile.

Phew!  I need a lie down.


  1. I folded 900 raffle tickets for a tombola today. For every ticket taped to a prize I put one winning duplicate and eighteen duds in a bag. I wanted to throw myself out of the window after four hundred but was fortunately on the ground floor :P

    Wrapping 200 presents sounds so much harder! It's more complicated than folding tickets, and those blasted tickets took me five hours. You definitely deserve that lie down!

  2. I experienced this vicariously and it made me tired.. It sounds like you had a successful and fruitful day.. Those days are always good :) xx