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Monday 10 June 2013


Lawyers huh?  They usually get a bad press.  However, I have been blessed by two wonderful ladies, G & H, (feel like I'm singing the Sesame Street alphabet here...) who have dealing with the Big Stuff for me.

Both have been protective, righteously indignant and fiercely furious on my behalf, whilst I have been too tired to fight and too sad to deal with relentless bullying and sneaky tactics.

My big bro ("Just sue the b@£$%^ds) is married to lawyer (another G!), who is of the same mind as G & H and big bro.

The other side are the sort of lawyers who give the profession a bad name, throwing out long words and veiled insults (some libellous) to a woman with cancer, who has just lost her mother, threatening court action and trying to scare me and my family.

Feeling the sisterhood today.  Grateful for it.

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  1. I agree with you Charlotte. Your opinions on lawyers are just like mine.