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Monday 10 June 2013

Friends above and beyond.

It is S's funeral tomorrow.  

I popped in to see her family yesterday and talked a lot about people being there for the family and because they loved S.  I did warn about the occasional "Me Me Me" type, who always comes to funerals, claiming spiritual kinship with the deceased and boring and embarrassing everyone there with their overt displays - so unBritish.

The whole family are all going to be at the church door to greet people, not doing a seating plan and intending to have a jolly party afterwards, because S did like a nice party.  The girls are not wearing black and veils and S's HWISO was in good spirits.  It was very comforting to see them, unified and comfortable with each other.  It's not that they were happy, more that they were together.

I was moved to tears by the support the children are getting from their friends and peers.  H said that they hadn't had less than 10 for any meal, as various drifted in and out, teasing him mercilessly and generally buoying up the atmosphere.  Two of the girls yesterday had flown back from their gap year travels to be there.  With these sort of friends, I am comforted that A will be OK.

I was blown away by another friend, S, who lost her Mum a few years ago to bloody cancer, when she was only 14.  She and I put on a comedy turn about the chemo ward.  Afterwards, I held her hand and thought that if I could bottle her beauty, both inner and outer, I could put all Pandora's stuff back in the box.

Rather than being depressed, I came back energised.

Some of this may have been dregs of the adrenaline spike, after E took me out for a drive for the first time.  She is good and calm but lacking in confidence.  No bad thing for a learner driver.  I am so proud of her.

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