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Wednesday 30 October 2013


Last blog for a while on Southwold but I just wanted to show you all what a good high street looks like, because I suspect you've forgotten

Firstly interiors of Collen and Clare, a clothes shop you can actually SEE in and get round and no indication of using every available inch of floor space to sell.  Claustraphobics welcome here...

That handbag!

And just a big closer up but slightly wonky....

The Ice Cream shop - where they sell dog ice cream called Beaches and Cream

Serena Hall Art Gallery

The CHEMIST - how different is this from Boots or Superdrug?

Wells, the photographic/computer/CD/Book/Present shop

The Greengrocer - Crab Apple.

Or you could go to Tescos, of course, with their inspiring window...

Or WH Smith?


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