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Sunday 20 October 2013

Becoming a resident

Southwold Rules

You are not to go to Costa Coffee. There are at least three independent shops offering coffee even more delicious with cakes and treats that are not homogenised and pre-packaged. We didn't want Costa. It is a chain store that is not welcome in a high street still full of independent retailers.

WH Smith. You really don't understand Southwold at all. Filling you windows with glaring posters of offers and Christmas decorations is not going to stop the fact that this branch is the worst performing in the country because nobody needs you.

Don't use Tescos Expresss. Use the Co-oP.   Certainly don't buy your newspapers there. Use the independent retailers.

Be kind. Remember that this town is full of elderly people who keep the town running when you are not here on holiday.

Pick up your dog poo.

Don't drop litter

Smile.  Lots.  It's that kind of place. 

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  1. oh i completely agree with everything. those are my rules too!