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Friday 31 May 2013

Why I don't Google

I have stuck pretty firmly to my not Googling my illness viewpoint.  However, it would be impossible to do without my good friend, Cathy, being on stand-by to answer all my questions.

Everything tasted of salt yesterday and I guessed it was a side effect of chemo but thought I would run it past Cathy anyway.  She looked up the side effects of my chemo, confirmed that a "change in taste" was, indeed, one of the side effects and sent me a link to follow.

With mounting horror I read that, should I be really unlucky, the major side effects could make me bald, make my nails fall out and make my hands and feet go bright red.  But it would be OK, because the diarrhoea would mean I would never get out of the bathroom so no one would notice.


I stopped reading the leaflet and we went back to chatting about other stuff.

We all need a tame Doctor of Bio-Chemistry in this situation.  Do you think we could prescribe her on the National Health?


  1. Maybe we need a special Google that filters according to our gentler sensibilities? Google can leave out whole swathes of searches as far as I'm concerned. Or we could have certain friends be our personalized searchers, like you do!

  2. Hi Charlotte, I've been silently reading for some time now and just never know what to say - but my heart always goes out to you.
    I think we need people to just pull the plug on all our electronic devices sometimes and sit there with us and help us through the right now by showering us with love and distraction or leaving us alone if that's what we want - this is what is, we can't really control what is to be and being anxious about it or apprehensive only makes it worse. I have no idea what it's like, what you are going through. I really appreciate how much you tell us on your blog about the realities of living with cancer and treatment for it. Just wanted to say something and send much love and I hope I haven't said the wrong thing, and that I'm always hoping and praying for you to feel better. <3 <3