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Monday, 1 April 2013


I was rather enviously reading about Carrie Arnold's award on her blog and feeling a little green. What  I didn't know was that I had won an award too.

Well, actually, two.  **Blushing**.

The first was for best Choices for Parent Activism, which I won with my great friend, Fiona.  Fiona is my brake pedal and voice of calm reason when I "go off on one", especially with letters to the Prime Minister (who never answers personally) and various other luminaries.  She is the wiser and cleverer head and, without her, I would definitely have gone off the end of the pier.

The second was for a film "Modelling Effective Parenting" which I won with my dearest M.  This was the film that finally lured Professor Treasure into our snare and allowed us to make some other seminal films with her blessing.

I am bowled over by both awards and grateful to have two such wonderful anchors to tether me down on occasions.

C&M has had over 25,000 views on You Tube and (at the last count) some 15,000 on XtraNormal.  I remember when we got to the first 1,000 views, M and I felt our work was done.....

Thank you.


  1. Both awards well deserved!

    Congratulations, Charlotte. Yeah, yeah, you've won some awards...but you've helped other parents save their children's lives. One is nice; the other is IMPORTANT.

    You are a force.

  2. Yeah You! and thank you for all you do....

  3. COngratulations! Thinking of you, too.

  4. Hurray! I'm so glad of this mark of recognition.
    I'd have done anything to see your videos when I so needed that kind of help.
    If they were already out there I don't want to know because I would kick myself for not searching better.