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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Nuclear PS

As a good friend has just pointed, by the end of Monday, I will truly be a



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  1. LOL!!!! That is awesome! So it is true that kids with eating disorders have toxic parents! I'll be sure to share this with the next treatment provider who still believes that.

    I'll say, "You know, I thought science has disproved that antiquated theory, but I actually know a mom of a child with an eating disorder in the UK who is a "toxic parent"...well, now that she had radiation for her cancer."

    And I'll take a photo of his/her facial reaction and share so no parent ever takes their child to this person for help.

    Thanks, I never felt it worth the expended energy to try to reply to any of these folks but this could be really fun! Now I look forward to meeting the next (what's a kinder word for ignorant?) treatment provider.

    Keep up the good humor C!