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Sunday 29 July 2012

Worry warting

Worry warting or Chicken Licken Syndrome is something this family does very well.  Throw in a bit of catastrophising, with a half empty glass and you have pretty much got a handle on what I am up against with half of the family.

Things that people with Chicken Licken Syndrome should not do:

Think too much
Google their symptoms on the internet

Things people with Chicken Licken Syndrome should do:

live in the moment

So why am I on about this?  Well the wonderful Carrie Arnold of edbites, put me on to this piece of research which I find fascinating:

AN showed a mismatch between anticipation and objective responses, suggesting altered integration and, possibly, disconnection between reported and actual interoceptive state

Chicken Licken Syndrome.........

(You can find more about Alexithymia here and I found learning about dysphoria immensely helpful.)

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