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Monday 26 March 2012

Shan Guisinger - Dangers of Dieting

Is there no solution then to obesity and eating disorders? Actually there is. We should eat in a way to convince our bodies that they no longer, and will never again, live with famine. That means never go on a reduced calorie diet. Most people should eat more frequent, smaller meals beginning with breakfast. We should eat a diet closer to the one humans evolved with. There are no naturally occurring sweet fats or processed carbohydrates and our bodies don’t regulate as well with them. Follow Michelle Obama’s advice to substitute water for soft drinks, and increase fruits and vegetables. It is easier to do if you stop dieting. Find some physical activities you enjoy and make time for them. And then pray for the grace to accept the body you have.

To read the full paper, please look here.  Now why can't Shan be presenting at the Girls' School Conference in Melbourne, rather than the CEO of Jenny Craig.


  1. I couldn't agree more. Have been learning all about the importance of eating a diet that is closer to how we evolved e.g less processed crap! X

  2. I agree. Not only can a diet that avoids highly processed foods help prevent obesity, it is also helpful during re-feeding from AN. When a person is starved they have low insulin levels and high insulin sensitivity. When they consume high GI foods, the surge in blood glucose concentration triggers a surge in insulin concentration such that glucose rapidly enters cells and triggers a marked rebound hypoglycaemia. Increased metabolic activity within cells with accelerated ATP re-synthesis can lead to hypophosphataemia and other electrolyte disturbances that also occur in re-feeding syndrome.